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Shlazio Apple Cider Conditioner

Shlazio Apple Cider Conditioner

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How To Use

Step 1 - After Shampooing take adequate amount of conditioner
Step 2- Apply it on damp hair, from mid length all the way down to the tips
Step 3- leave on for 2-3 minutes
Step 4- rinse thoroughly

Key Ingredient

1. Apple Cider Vinegar
2. Aloe Vera

Product Description

Shlazio Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner is a hair care product enriched with the goodness of apple cider vinegar and other nourishing ingredients. Here's a description of its features:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar: This conditioner contains apple cider vinegar, known for its clarifying properties. Apple cider vinegar helps to remove build-up from hair products, excess oil, and impurities, leaving the hair clean and refreshed.

2. Natural Ingredients: Shlazio conditioner is formulated with natural ingredients, including botanical extracts and essential oils, to provide gentle yet effective care for your hair.

3. Nourishing Formula: The conditioner is designed to nourish and moisturize the hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and manageable. It helps to replenish moisture, improve hair texture, and enhance shine.

4. pH-Balanced: Apple cider vinegar helps to balance the pH of the scalp and hair, which can contribute to healthier-looking hair and scalp.

5. Detangling Properties: This conditioner helps to detangle knots and reduce frizz, making combing and styling easier.

6. Refreshing Fragrance: It leaves a fresh and invigorating fragrance on the hair, providing a pleasant sensory experience.

7. Suitable for All Hair Types: Shlazio Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner is suitable for all hair types, including normal, dry, oily, and color-treated hair.

8. Free from Harsh Chemicals: The conditioner is free from sulfates, parabens, and artificial colors, making it gentle and safe for regular use.

9. Hygienic Packaging: It comes in hygienic packaging designed to preserve the freshness and efficacy of the product.

Overall, Shlazio Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner offers a natural and gentle solution for nourishing and revitalizing your hair, leaving it feeling healthy, smooth, and refreshed.

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